How to get download or upgrade to Windows 10 Anniversary from Microsoft Official

Windows 10 Anniversary updates that users expect long-standing Microsoft officially released. Forum am sending you three ways to be updated in line with the intended use, invite you to consult.

How to download or upgrade to Windows 10 Anniversary

Updates in Windows Update

This is a simple and fast way most suitable for you not fluent in computer, the upgrade process is almost automatic.
1. Open Setting
2. Click Update & security
3. Click Check for updates
Then, the computer will check and proceed to download the update package. When the download is complete, the machine will ask to reboot to proceed with the installation, you can select Restart Now, then Windows will do the rest. Typically, this process lasted about 15-30 minutes depending on the device.

Media Creation Tool update

If you do not use Windows Update, you can use the Media Creation Tool was released by Microsoft. This is a tool which gives users more options on how to update (can be downloaded .ISO file to a new set).

2. Once installed, open the app you will see 2 options Upgrade this PC is now (upgrade) or Create installation media for another PC (create installer ISO file). In this article, your guide now choose Upgrade this PC, then click Next. The process of loading Windows 10 starts, while depending on the connection speed (download files approximately 3GB capacity, you should consider the time)
3. After the download and installation are prepared, you can click "Accept" to accept the terms of use, otherwise you will have to start again from scratch.
4. This is an important step. You will choose to retain the settings and data or install completely new. If you choose wrong, you click Change to change what to keep:
Keep personal files and apps: upgrade that retains applications, settings in Windows (like Windows Update).
Keep personal files only: Just keep applications and data, Windows settings will be set to default.
Nothoing: Similar to the new installation of Windows, delete all data.

5. After making sure, click Install to install the update.
6. The computer will restart and automatic upgrade process usually takes about 30 minutes or more depending on the machine.

Receive updates when you are participating in the program Windows Insider

If a local user is, the version on your computer can be build 14393.x Windows 10, this is the equivalent build Anniversary Update. However, if you want to use the official version, you can stop Windows Insider program participants in the following way:
1. Open Settings
2. Click the Update & security
3. Click the Windows Insider Program
4. In this section, click on the Preview box builds Stop Insider
5. A confirmation window appears, select Need to stop getting Insider builds completely?
6. Click Confirm, then select Restart Now to complete.

Once finished, you have to stop participating in the program and can receive Windows Insider Anniversary update as normal user.

For those of you interested can download the ISO file individually necessary files here:

Windows 10 Anniversary is a major update with many improvements and bug fixes, focuses on the Start Menu, Cortana, Action Center, the system interface ... Hopefully, through this article, you already can confidently upgrade for your device. Good luck!