Best 2-in-1 laptop: HP Spectre x360

HP Spectre x360 Review

360 degrees of versatility - Zero compromises.

Compromise isn't in our vocabulary. HP designed the Spectre x360 with a singular purpose in mind – unlimited, uninhibited freedom. They've crafted a PC that answers any challenge you can pose, and does it all with inspiring performance. You deserve nothing less.
HP's Spectre x360 is our pick for the best 2-in-1 Ultrabook, and a close competitor to Dell's XPS 13. With a body milled out of solid aluminum, the Spectre x360 is beautiful and talented—you can flip the screen around for tablet mode or tent mode when needed. The Spectre x360's keyboard is luxurious next to the cramped Dell XPS 13 too, but the HP laptop is also wider as a result.

Performance is top-notch, but we took issue with HP’s decision to control thermals by throttling CPU speed. HP has since updated its BIOS to keep the performance ticking along under heavier loads. The cost is slightly more fan noise, but you get the performance you’re paying for. You also get great audio, awesome battery life, and touch support on all models.We have high hopes for the Skylake model that's coming down the pike.

Geared hinge

Our engineers built a synchronized geared hinge designed to rotate fluidly yet hold firmly in each mode. To ensure long-lasting quality, they encased the mechanism in stainless steel to protect it from damage, dirt, and dust.

Xceptional battery life

To give you the all-day battery life1 you've been waiting for, we started by building a convertible PC with one of the highest capacity batteries in its class. Then we carefully curated our software to prevent battery-hogging apps from running in the background, and we integrated Panel Self Refreshing Technology into the Quad HD and 4K displays to reduce battery drain without dimming the screen.

Revolutionary Wi-Fi

We used a next generation 2x2 Wi-Fi antenna to give you faster wireless speeds and positioned it at the top of the display to maximize reception in every mode.

Up to 16GB of RAM

The Spectre x360 with up to 16GB memory keeps up with you.

6th generation - Intel® processors

Faster, quieter, and with more features, the 6th generation of Intel® Core™ processors enhance your computing experience like never before.2

The difference is in the details

The thoughtfully engineered keyboard with responsive 1.5mm key travel is contoured to your fingers to keep them centered as you type.

Project to your TV

Wirelessly send HD content from your PC to your TV or other display with Miracast for an even bigger picture without the cumbersome cords.3

Picture perfect3

Every Spectre x360 gives you a near 180° viewing angle with IPS technology. And with 72% color gamut, images appear richer and more natural than before. That means what you see through the camera lens is what you'll see on the screen.

Choose your picture

Whether you need 1080p to stream HD movies or a 4K display for advanced photo editing, you can choose the option that's right for you.